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     Paving Pearl Street: (1931)

         More Asphalt For Our Town                                             Auburn Times - December 5, 1930
         Section of Pearl Street is to be Paved Soon
         KYROCK will be used

Our town board has taken the proper action toward providing for the construction of a modern black top service on Pearl Street. The proper papers are on file and the pavement is assured on that street.  The improvements will pass the homes of :


A. A. Milton Abraham Milton & wife Nellie
Will Evans William Evans & wife Josephine
Herman Corbin Herman Corbin (35) & wife Lotus (32) and family Dorothy (8), William H. (6)  
George Cooper George Cooper (50), wife Ada (35), daughter Elena M. (10) & son Gerald (16)  
Roger Clark Roger Clark (42) & wife Myrhl (34) and daughter Rowena M. (12)  
Dr. Adolphus Johnson Dr. Johnson (53) & wife Edna (52)
P.P. Price Prather P. Price (21) & wife Emma J. (22)
Ben Miller    
Samuel Turner Sam Turner (56) & wife Belle (50). Daughters: Katherine (19), Eula M (17), Cordell (13),
Margarita (6) & Son: Raymond (10)
Mrs. Shields Criller Shields (57), & sons - Claude C. (35), Roy B. (29), & Isaac A (25).  
Mrs. Hatcher Chyle Hatcher Chyle (60)  
Old Hotel Building    
Nathan Milton    
Mr. Tanner    
Elliott Sydnor    
It is estimated that the cost will go below $2.25 per lineal foot.
This street when completed will be a credit to our town.








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