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Bank of Auburn

1905 Bank of Auburn was organized as a stock company. Located in a store building near Aull & Co. Drug Store.
It later moved to a better location on the north west corner of Main Street/Pearl Street, diagonally across from the G. W. Davidson Banking Company.
Presidents Its presidents were Dr. T. O. Helm, followed by W. W. Walters, then by H. P. McCormick and finally S. R. Stokes.
1929 The Bank of Auburn merged with the G. W. Davidson Banking Company on March 20, 1929 forming the Auburn Banking Company, which still carries on business, into the new millennium, under the same name.


This is the location (west corner of Pearl & Main Street) of the Bank of Auburn from 1905 until it amalgamated with G. W. Davidson Banking Company in 1929


Below: An inside view of the Bank of Auburn

This is a picture taken at the Bank of Auburn. The time frame is between 1906 and the time of it's amalgamation with the G. W. Davidson Banking Company in 1929, then becoming the Auburn Banking Company. The location here is the north/west corner of Main/Pearl Street.

Pay particular attention to the free standing safe by the wall. This is the very same safe that the Auburn Historical Society acquired at the end of 2009. By sheer luck it was spotted by one of the Historical Society directors and saved it from the scrap heap (not without cost.)

The safe at the time of writing is located outside the Museum door, waiting for a suitable location. Wouldn't it be nice if the above property became available and modified to the time period in question as part of an overall strategy for Auburn.

From research this safe was built in 1906. Follow this link for the history of same.



Auburn Banking Company






Auburn Banking Company
1929: On March 20, 1929 the G. W. Davidson Banking Company merged with the Bank of Auburn to form the Auburn Banking Company.
1929- 1938 1st President:             James Guthrie Coke.
1938-  1958 2nd President:            James H. Bumpus.
1958-   3rd President;             Claude D. Pottinger
1995   4th President:             Glenn Tinsley
1995-   2000 5th President:             Kenny Coleman.
2000 2002 6th President              Robert Strickland
2002   7th President              John Sheffield
1929: The Auburn Banking Company operated from the premises originally owned by the G. W. Davidson Banking Company at 101 East Main Street. The property was sold to Neal Insurance when the Bank moved to 102-104 West Main Street. The property was subsequently sold to Logan Telephone Coop who are the present (1997) owners.
1969:  The Auburn Banking Company moved to its new custom built premises at 218 West Main Street.
1995:   Auburn Banking Company announced the proposed acquisition of its stock by the First Community Bancorp, Inc., a Hopkinsville, Kentucky based holding company. Having received regulatory approval Auburn Banking Company sold its stock to First Community Bancorp, Inc. on December 20, 1993.




 M. C. Neal - New Director of Auburn Banking Co.
News-Democrat March 11, 1965

At a recent stockholders meeting of the Auburn Banking Company, M. C. Neal, executive vice-president, was voted a director of the bank.

Other directors are C. D. Pottinger, G. B. Robbins, H. O. Finney, Archie Simmons, and J. H. Bumpus, honorary.


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