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Auburn Nursing Center:           


Nearly 500 See Nursing Center At Open House                

                                                                                          Auburn News  March 2, 1965

The Auburn Nursing Center Inc., held open house Sunday from 1 to 5 p. m.

The directors, Grover Corum, Edgar Harris, Joe Young and Jim Duer, welcomed nearly five hundred guests who registered.

Mrs. Bernice Alexander, administrator of the Nursing Center, Mrs. Corum, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Duer assisted in receiving guests and serving refreshments.

Doctor's Daughter proud Of Center

                                                                                              Auburn News  March 2, 1965

Congratulations to the people of Auburn on their new Nursing Center were sent this week by way of a telephone call to this newspaper from Portsmouth, Ohio

Mrs. Howard Jewett, Portsmouth, the former Dolly Bean of Auburn, called to tell us that part of the Nursing Center site is on property once owned by her father, the late Dr. H. F. Bean.

"I want Auburn people who still remember the Beans to know that we are grateful that our old home (if it had to go) has gone for such a wonderful thing as a nursing home," said Mrs. Jewett.

Mrs. Jewett read of the project in the paper which is sent to her as a gift every year by the Curry Halls of Auburn.



Grover A. Corum President
Jim Duer Vice President
Edgar P. Harris Secretary
Joseph P. Young Treasurer


Staff Members in 1965

Mrs. Nita Williams, L.P.N.

Mrs. Bernice Alexander
R.N., Administrator

Mrs. Beulah Viers Darden
Mrs. Mary Helen Norris
Mrs. Ester Watkins
Mrs. Elie Kent
Mrs. Enda Murray
Kitchen Personnel
Mrs. Gracie Powell
Mrs. Sue Bell Blakey
Mrs. Jewell Covington
Ode Sams
Mrs. Tom Blewett
Mrs. Ruth Ann Gullett

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