Auburn, Kentucky

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Auburn Post Office
Logan County, Kentucky


Established as Black Lick on March 3, 1860

Name change to Auburn on June 18, 1862

The Post Office is located today (2003) on the site of Grace Griffith’s home (in front of Scott’s Mills) which was officially dedicated on Sunday, March 19, 1967.

The following are the list of Postmasters since the inception of the Post Office in Auburn on March 3rd 1860.


Postmasters  Date of Appointment
John H. Wood Mar 3, 1860
John H, Viers June 5, 1861
Harrison Woodward  May 13, 1862
Samuel F. McGawn   December 18, 1862
William P. Galloway September 9, 1863
W. B. Downey  August 26, 1864
Washington Boliver May 12, 1865
Harrison Woodward July 19, 1869
Thomas J. Shannon    September 6, 1878
James W. Smith   November 29, 1878
Thomas M. Appling July 19, 1882
Richard A. Hightower April 2, 1884
J. F. Carpenter    January 19, 1885
Isaac O. Perkins   July 17, 1886
Marmaduke D. Hightower March 25, 1889
Herschel P. McCormick March 29, 1893
William H. Stagner July 8, 1897
John W. Porter February 27, 1912
Mattie L. Harris  May 8, 1914
Rita Gorrell (Acting) December 5, 1922
Fannie B. Gordon    May 1, 1925
Elbert L. Pearson December 20, 1930
James 'Raymond' Wilson  
Elizabeth C. Holloway (Acting) Oct 16, 1954
Shirley H. Ashby  (Postmaster from 1954 to1990) 1954
Carolyn Glascock 1990
Ronnie Patton 2001
Lee Crafton 2003
Gary M. Willis August 1, 2009


Following are the Auburn Post Office personnel as at the time of the Dedication of the Post Office in March 1967.


Shirley H. Ashby  Postmaster
Mary H. Chyle Career Substitute Clerk
Elizabeth C. Holloway Career Substitute Clerk
Anna M. Rogers Substitute Clerk
William R. Burr Rural Carrier
Robert R. Wilson   Rural Carrier
Albert Summers Star Route Carrier
Leonard C. Appling Substitute Rural Carrier
L. Hayden Reed Substitute Rural Carrier
Wilbur Viers Job Cleaner


Builders and owners of the Post Office Building:

            Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Rogers


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