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Scott’s Auburn Mills, Inc.


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1876: Jack Gordon was the initiator of this mill, which operated as a corn mill.
1879:    A. E. Griffith purchased the mill from Jack Gordon.
1899: The Auburn Advocate - Saturday, August 19, 1899:
A. E. Griffith's Mill after undergoing thorough overhauling etc., is about ready to run about 200 barrels of flour a day.
  1905:   A. E. Griffith operated the mill until his death in 1905.
1905-1906: Charles E. Bates (Griffith’s son-in-law) operated the mill for the Griffith estate.
1906: On April 23, 1906, Mr. James Guthrie Coke took an option of the mill for $10,000 paying $100.00 deposit, and continued operations until 1911.
1911:  Due to pressure of other business interests J. Guthrie Coke sold the mill to a small corporation composed of grain farmers and business men of the Auburn community. H. B. McClary was elected manager and the board of directors composed of S. O. Moody, John Moody, Dave Scott, R. L. Stevenson, and J. G. Coke.
H. B. McClary resigned to start his produce business.
Dave Scott was elected from the Board of Directors as manager.
Dave Scott brought in his son, Ray T. Scott as bookkeeper.
1927: On July 1, 1927, Dave Scott and Ray T. Scott bought out the shareholders, dissolving the corporation and making it a business partnership.
1929: Hanford D. Scott (another son of Dave Scott), entered the mill as bookkeeper on May 15, 1929
1934: Hanford D. Scott was admitted to the partnership.
1937: Dave Scott retired from the business and sold his shares to Hanford D. Scott.
1940:  A diesel engine was installed in the mill.
1947: The Scotts operated as a partnership until April 30, 1947, at which time a corporation was formed consisting of Ray T. Scott, Hansford D. Scott and both their wives.
1948:   Electric power installed in the mill.
1959:  30 people employed with an annual payroll of approximately $100,000 and an annual purchase of grain of about $500,000.
1963: John W. Clark, son-in-law of Ray T. Scott, joined the mill.
1964:   In April 1964, Hansford D. Scott retired and sold his stock to John W. Clark and his wife Elizabeth Scott Clark and the corporation.
1972:  Ray Scott Clark, grandson of Ray T. Scott, and son of John W. and Elizabeth Clark, graduated from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas with a BS in Milling Science and Management in May 1972, and joined the family business.
Ray T. Scott died on November 14, 1972





Mill interest of Scotts sold to the Clarks
by Al Smith

News-Democrat - Dec 12, 1974

Three members of the family of the late Ray T. Scott have sold their stock in Auburn Mills Inc. to the John W. Clark family, making the Clarks the sole owners of the firm.

Auburn Mills Inc., is the second largest flour and corn meal milling company in Kentucky. Originally built and operated by Jack Gordon as a corn mill in 1876. It is one of Logan County's oldest industries.

Members of the Scott family have been involved in the ownership and-or management since 1911.

John W. Clark, president of the mills is married to Elizabeth Scott Clark, daughter of the late Ray T. Scott and his first wife, the late Addie Ruth Flowers Scott. Ray T. Scott, son of the John W. Clark, is executive vice president pf the mills and his mother is secretary-treasurer.

Members of the Scott family who have sold their stock to the three Clarks are Mrs. Bonnie B. Scott, widow of Ray T. Scott who was president of the mills at his death November 14, 1972, and two other children of the first marriage of Ray T. Scott - William Scott of Louisville and Mrs. Sally Scott Pollard of Lexington.

Auburn Mills, Inc., produces white flour and white corn meal with byproducts as stock feed. distributed in seven states, the firm's labels are Scott's Auburn Leader Flour, Scott's Pearl Meal, Clipper Corn Meal, and Polar Bear Flour. They are also packaged in about 30 private brands.

Sales volume is close to two million dollars a year, double that of 10 years ago. The mills can store 250,000 bushels of grain and the flour and corn mill now each has a capacity of 800 hundred weight per 24-hour day.

About 35 persons are employed in the business which is now in another expansion. New lines of packaging machinery are being ordered, according to John Clark. The firm hopes to double its grain storage capacity to 500,000 bushels in the next decade.

John Clark has been with Auburn Mills, Inc., for over 12 years after spending nearly 18 years with the Logan County Hospital, the last seven as administrator.

He is a former president of the Kentucky Millers Association and is treasurer of the National Soft Millers Association. He is on the board of directors of the Kentucky Feed and Grain Association and chairman of the association's grain committee.

Ray Clark is a graduate of Kansas State University with a major in milling science and management. He is a graduate of Russellville High School where he was a leader in the Explorer Scouts. He is treasurer of Shakertown Revisited, Inc., which manages Shaker museum buildings, and produces the annual Shaker pageant at South Union in east Logan County.

Joe Crain is the chief miller, Robert Covington is in charge of production, and Tommy Anderson is in charge of shipping.

Locally grown wheat and corn have supplied the mill for many years. Auburn Mills, in turn, has helped stimulate wheat and corn production in Logan County, making this one of the larger wheat producing counties in Kentucky.





1974: Member of the family of the late Ray T. Scott [Bonnie Bess Scott, wife of Ray T. & her children;  William D. Scott, Sally Scott (Scollard)] sold their share of the business to their sister Elizabeth Scott (Clark) and her family - making John W. Clark & his family (his wife Elizabeth Scott Clark and their son Ray Scott Clark), the sole owner of the mill.

Product: White flour, White corn meal, with byproducts as stock feed. Distributed in seven states under the lavels of Scott's Auburn Leader Flour, Scott's Pearl meal, Clipper Corn Meal, and Polar Bear Flour.
Sales: Slightly < $2m
Employees: 35
Chief Miller: Joe Crain
Production: Robert Covington
Shipping: Tommy Anderson

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