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Since the Aull business now closed has meant so much to Auburn for the 103 years they were in business - we ask ourselves - "what do we know about the Aull family and where did they come from and also where have they dispersed to?"

The answer to some of these questions have been answered by Teagon Gallager an avid genealogist who came across my web site while trying to trace some of the AULL family tree. We also thank Teagon and his fellow genealogists for their permission to put the following information on the website.

Tracing ones roots is like the Internet - "one never gets to the end of it." So any further information will be greatly appreciated.

I am delighted to get this feed-back and if I can be of further help, do not hesitate to contact me.






James All

Born:  between 1770 and 1775

Parents:  possibly Benjamin All



Issue:    3 sons and 3 daughters

Died:      after June 1833




James Aull

Born:   between 1770 and 1775 in
Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania

Parents:  possibly John Aull

Married:  Baltimore City county, Maryland

Spouse:    Mary Andre

Issue:       Thomas M., Robert Pitt, and Aquilla B.

Died:    after June 1833                       



    James All/Aull is of great interest to the search for Aquilla All’s ancestry – both parallel each other in name, time, and locations.  My difficulty in connecting the two is point-of-view.  There are records for a James All and a James Aull.  If I take the point of view from looking backward from Sullivan county, Indiana to Nelson county, then James All is the likeliest connection.  If I look forward from Philadelphia and Maryland, then James Aull is the candidate.  James is a ubiquitous name, thus it’s difficult to tell if there is only one James or two separate Jameses in early Nelson County, Kentucky.    
    Because of the dichotomy, I’ve presented the two records side-by-side.    

James All

James Aull

James is the first All to appear in Kentucky records – he was recorded in the 1802 tax lists of Nelson county.

 Being born between 1770 and 1775 makes him a candidate for being Aquilla All’s elder brother, Aquilla being born in 1784.

 In June of 1833 he witnesses the will of Ignatius Drewry in Nelson county, Kentucky.  Ignatius may have been a father-in-law to Benjamin Aull of Daviess county, Kentucky (see Appendix F).

Based on early census records, he was married and had enumerated three sons and three daughters.  The three sons could well be Thomas M., Robert Pitt, and Aquilla B.  The three daughters are unknowns and could have died before reaching maturity.  The All females listed in the early Nelson county marriage records have been accounted for.

Because, however, I don’t know when James died, there is the small possibility that an elderly James removed from Nelson county along with his unwed daughters.

 James does not remove to Daviess county, Kentucky as do those Alls who become Aulls, nor does he remove to Vigo/Sullivan counties, Indiana.

From pages 25 and 26 of The Aull and Martin Genealogy by William Ferris Aull, published by Ware Bros. Company (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) in 1920:

John Aull had several children, all of whom we are told, were born in the city of Philadelphia.  …

We are of the opinion that the two brothers, William and James [sons of John Aull], somewhere about 1808 to 1810, left Philadelphia, and together went south into Maryland.  We know William subsequently drifted into western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio, and is the ancestor of numerous families in that section, all of whom are herein referred, being members of the Aull family whose history forms the subject of this book.

We are told James married a Mary Andre, of Baltimore, and subsequently settled in Bardstown, Kentucky, where he raised a family. 

Of these children, we are informed Aquilla B. and Thomas M. went to California.  We have no record of Aquilla B.  Thomas M. went to California in 1852, and located at Liberty, San Joaquin county.  He was a physician, graduating from St. Louis University in 1850.  He was also a civil engineer.  He served as a member of the California Legislature in 1856-57.

 Thomas M. raised a family of several children, among whom our attention has been called to Edward, James, and Charles, also a daughter Clara Eveline, who married a Mr. Stump, of New York City.

 Robert Pitt [Aull], another son of James and Mary (Andre) Aull, remained in Kentucky, where he raised a family, and where he died in 1871. His son Albert S. Aull, is a resident of Auburn, Kentucky, while his youngest son, John A. Aull, lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

 We have been told the Aulls of Dayton, Ohio, are descendants of the Kentucky family, but have no data to verify it.


    James All/Aull Progeny    
     Listed below are the issue specifically attributed to James Aull.  Observation:  Unlike the Daviess county, Kentucky Aulls
and the Vigo/Sullivan counties, Indiana Alls, they do not name their sons Benjamin.

James All’s Spouse

James Aull’s Spouse


I have no records or clues to whom James All married.


Thus, if he is one and the same as James Aull, then his spouse is Mary Andre.


Mary Andre
Married: Baltimore City County, Maryland

Spouse:  James Aull
Issue:  Thomas M., Robert Pitt, and       Aquilla B.

Mary is quite intriguing.  According to a correspondent, she is associated with the Andre family connected to Aaron Burr.

If that is true, then that could explain

1)  why James Aull went to Kentucky so early – to escape scandal.

2)  why there’s no hint via surnames used as given or middle names preserving the maternal lineage.

I wonder, however, if the connection is true.  It was a Major Andre who was the dastardly traitor.  He emigrated as a singleton person from London, England and made his home in Boston – not Baltimore.  And, by the time of his death (age 30 and death by hanging for treason), he had no wife.

 As a side note, Daviess county is named for Colonel Joseph Hamilton Daviess, the lawyer who prosecuted Aaron Burr for treason.




 I.          Thomas M. Aull; born in 1806 in Nelson county, Kentucky to James Aull and Mary Andre; married circa 1835 in Platte county, Missouri to Clarinda Fugate (born circa 1819 in Missouri to Benjamin Fugate and Phoebe; died after 1880 in California); Thomas died April 24, 1873 in California.

Thomas is certainly a man of accomplishments, scilicet (from notes compiled by William Patrick (Pat) Hartlage of Jeffersontown, Kentucky ( June 18, 2007):

 --        1806 to as late as 1835 Thomas is born, raised, and living in Nelson county, Kentucky.

--        In the 1830s Thomas and his younger brother Aquilla remove to Platte county, Missouri where Thomas marries and begins his family.  Speculate that James Aull and Mary Andre have died and Aquilla was too young (around 15) to be on his own.

--        In the 1840s Thomas attends Medical School at St. Louis University, graduating in 1850.  Aquilla leaves for California.

--        In 1850 Thomas and family are living in Atchison county, Missouri.  Enumerated in the 1850 census is a Margaret Hull born circa 1835 in Ohio – I wonder if that shouldn’t be Aull, and she is visiting from the Dayton, Ohio Aulls.

--        In 1852 Thomas and family leave for California.  His daughter Mary F. is born along the way in the Utah Territory.  They settle in San Jocquin county.

--        From 1856-1857 Thomas serves in the California Assembly.

--        In 1858 Thomas is again serving in the California state assembly representing the 8th District

--        In the 1860s Thomas returns to being a physician in San Jocquin county; his son James remains at home and is a farmer.

--        In the 1870s Thomas is living in Liberty, San Jocquin county, California.  He and his son James are farmers.  Thomas dies in 1873.

Thomas nails the family to the Aulls of Philadelphia.  BUT no solid facts connect him to Benjamin All of Nelson county, Kentucky..



            Thomas’ and Cara’s issue:

         A.   Edward Aull; born circa 1839 in Missouri; married; divorced

B.   Clementine Aull; born circa 1841 in Missouri

C.   James R. Aull; born circa 1843 in Missouri; died in 1881 in San Francisco county, California

D.   Charles Fremont Aull; born circa 1849 in Missouri; married in 1887 in San Francisco county, California to Margeret Louise Anglow; Charles died in 1899 in San Francisco county, California

1.         (daughter) Aull; born in 1889 in San Francisco county, California

E.   Mary F. Aull; born circa 1852 in the Utah Territory

F.   Julia Aull; born circa 1854 in San Jocquin county, California; died in 1878 in San Francisco county, California

G.   Clara Eveline Aull; born circa 1856 in San Jocquin county, California; married to (?) Stump (born

in New York City, New York)

H.   Albert Aull; born circa 1858 in San Jocquin county, California

I.    Eva Aull; born circa 1860 in San Jocquin county, California


II.         Robert Pitt Aull; born February 27, 1812 in Nelson county, Kentucky to James Aull and Mary Andre;

married January 4, 1838 in Daviess county, Kentucky to Sarah E. Steele (born September 18, 1818 in

London, England to William Steele and Ann Kinney; died June 23, 1851 in Daviess county, Kentucky).




Without Robert Pitt Aull, I would have concluded there were two families with the same sounding surname who coincidently settled in Nelson county, Kentucky at the same time – one family of Benjamin All and the other of James Aull.  Robert is both the salvation and vexation of the search for Aquilla All’s ancestry.

 Obviously the spelling of his surname as Aull parallels him to the Philadelphia Aulls.  The 1840 Daviess county census spells his surname as All, which, if one believes that the surname should have been spelled Aull, says that the early Kentucky government officials spelled names as they sounded.  And, therefore, it was not until 1850 that individuals could direct how their surnames could be spelled.

 That his middle name is Pitt ties him to the All family.  Benjamin All married Sarah (Barton) Pitt November 7, 1778 in Baltimore City county, Maryland.  We know that Sarah’s sons by Josiah Pitt, her first husband, came to Nelson county in the very early 1800s.  And, in fact, one of her sons was named Robert Pitt.  Robert lived in Louisville but kept ties with the Nelson county Alls.  I must assume that our subject was named for him.  And, therefore, the Aulls of Philadelphia and Alls of Maryland are related.  I just don’t know how!

 That Robert Pitt Aull removes to Daviess county, Kentucky strongly ties him to Benjamin Aull (see Appendix F).  EXCEPT that Robert settles in Owensboro and Benjamin in Knottsville; Benjamin screams Catholicism and Robert does not.


    Robert’s and Sarah’s issue:
A.   Albert S. Aull; born October 3, 1840 in Daviess county, Kentucky; married June 17, 1864 in Ohio county, Kentucky to America E. Wallace (born September 25, 1846 in Ohio county, Kentucky to William G. Wallace and Amanda Redding; died November 2, 1923 in Logan county, Kentucky); Albert died July 1, 1926 in Logan county, Kentucky; and is interred in Logan county, Kentucky.
    From page 928 of the History of Kentucky, published by Interstate Publishing Co. in 1883:

Albert S. Aull, Esq., was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, October 5, 1840, and was reared to manhood at that place.  In 1861 he enlisted in the Fourth Kentucky Infantry, remaining in that service eighteen months, and in 1863 located in Ohio county, [Kentucky], where he now resides.  His father, Robert P. Aull, a native of Bardstown, was born in 1812; removed to Daviess county, [Kentucky] in 1833, and died in 1871; he was the son of James Aull.  Robert P. married Sarah E., daughter of William and Ann (Kinney) Steele, of Owensboro, born in London in 1818, and died in 1852.  Their offspring are subject, Alcinda (Luckett), and Henry.  To him by a second marriage were born John A. and Belle (Springfield).  Squire Aull obtained a good common school education and is a reading man.  He was married June 17, 1864, to America, daughter of William G. and Amanda (Redding) Wallace, of Ohio county, born September 25, 1846, and to them have been born Thomas Henry, Eugene S., Ada L., Jennie L., and Edna.  Squire Aull engaged in merchandising for some years.  He also served as constable and postmaster, and is now magistrate and a member of the court of claims.  In politics he is a Republican.


Albert’s and America’s issue:

1.    Thomas Henry Aull; born April 25, 1865 in Ohio county, Kentucky; married April 27, 1887 to May Moseley; Thomas died February 11, 1916

                 2.    Eugene S. Aull; born December 15, 1866 in Ohio county, Kentucky; married September 26, 1888 to Edna Griffin; Eugene died November 25, 1921; and is interred in Yakima county, Washington

                 3.    Ada Lee Aull; born April 21, 1857 in Ohio county, Kentucky; first married December 4, 1889 to John McDaniel; second married to (?) James; third married to (?) Hurt; Ada died December 27, 1909

                 4.   Jennie Lou Aull; born September 8, 1871 in Ohio county, Kentucky; married December 26, 1888 to Charles T. Wilson (born June 3, 1866; died February 29, 1940 in St. Louis county, Missouri); Jennie Lou died January 11, 1959 in St. Louis county, Missouri; and is interred in St. Louis county, Missouri



From a letter from Wilma D. Foster of Rockwall, Texas to the author, written January 23, 1989:

 I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive your letter.  I had just returned from St. Louis, and had been trying to “shake loose” from my cousins some of the Aull memorabilia that they inherited when family members passed away, and which thy have absolutely no interest in.  They also have no interest in going through their attics for me.

 I am the granddaughter of Jenny Lou Aull, great-granddaughter of Albert S. Aull, gggranddaughter of Robert P. Aull.  He was the son of James Aull, and was born in Bardstown.  This naturally led me to the family of Benjamin All, and the James All listed with him in the early Nelson county tax rolls.  Now your letter has caused me to rethink all that.

Grandma always said her family was from Pennsylvania, and my aunt had a picture of our “rich Pennsylvania relatives” which was actually a picture of a large house in Pittsburg surrounded by cameo-sized pictures of the men in the family. Some years ago I copied the names that had been written on the back:

             James Aull, son of Wm. Aull m. Phoebe Ferris.

                        Wm. Ferris Aull
                        Chas. Herbert Aull                   Pittsburg
                        Wm. Floyd Aull
                        James Ferris Aull
                        John Albert Aull
                        Chas. Elmer Aull                     Pasadena, Cal.
                        William F or T Aull


Now I see by your letter that it was William Ferris Aull who wrote the Aull and Martin Genealogy.  Guess maybe my James Aull is the one who went to Maryland with his brother in 1808-10, and then settled in Bardstown.  The dates fit, too.  Robert P. was born in 1812.

 I have been going over and over my notes trying to find something which might help you, something you don’t already have.  You did not mention any Delaware research, and I have found reference to a number of Alls there, but no Aquilla.

 Just looking over the Nelson county tax lists again, I am reminded that from 1808 on James All is listed separately from Benjamin, Thomas, and Aquilla.  I always wondered why he moved away form his family.  …

 I sent Wilma a copy of The Aull and Martin Genealogy – on page 89 was the photograph of the grand house in Pittsburg that she had remembered.

 THUS, we have confirmed that there is a connection between the Aulls of Nelson/Daviess county, Kentucky and the Aulls of Philadelphia.  HOWEVER, why didn’t any descendant state that Pennsylvania was the home of their ancestors?  They always list Maryland or Kentucky.  AND, what is the freaking connection between these Aulls and Benjamin All?!  Again, I note that these Aulls don’t name one son Benjamin.



 5.         Edna May Aull; born October 28, 1879 in Ohio county, Kentucky; married September 3, 1894 to Adolphus Johnston; Edna died in Logan county, Kentucky; and is interred in Logan County, Kentucky
       B.   James R. Aull; born circa 1844 in Daviess county, Kentucky; died before 1883

C.   Alcinda A. Aull; born circa 1845 in Daviess county, Kentucky; married March 4, 1862 in Daviess County, Kentucky to Samuel J. Luckett (first married (?))

       D.    Henry Clay Aull; born circa 1848 in Daviess county, Kentucky; married October 11, 1869 in Daviess County, Kentucky to Elizabeth Smithers




Side notes concerning Henry:

--        In his marriage application, his occupation is millman.  Aquilla All was a millwright and  the Pitt boys, Sarah (Barton) Pitt who marries Benjamin All in Maryland, were apprenticed to millwrights in Maryland.  Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, males most often had the same occupation as their fathers.  Was Henry a legacy of that tendency?

--        Henry married in St. Stephens Catholic Church.  Again, Benjamin Aull of Appendix F and his progeny are hardcore Catholics.  This is the first hint of Catholicism in Robert Pitt Aull’s clan.  BUT, before I conclude that Robert Pitt Aull’s clan were also Catholics, I need to research the Smithers – it may well have been Elizabeth who was Catholic.



Robert second married June 17, 1852 in Daviess county, Kentucky to Margaret Adams; Robert died August 25, 1871 in Daviess county, Kentucky.  Robert’s and Margaret’s issue:

            E.         John A. Aull; married twice one of which was on March 6, 1876 in Daviess county, Kentucky to Lizzie Smith

            F.         Britania Belle Aull; born circa 1859 in Kentucky; married March 10, 1881 in Daviess county, Kentucky to Dr. William J. Springfield, MD

 III.        Aqulla B. Aull; born in 1818 in Nelson county, Kentucky to James Aull and Mary Andre; married December 16, 1856 in Sonoma county, California to Susan E. Smyth (born October 30, 1837 in Jackson County, Missouri to (?) Smyth and Ann (?); died November 20, 1860 in Sonoma county, California; and is interred in Oakmound Cemetery in Sonoma county, California); Aquilla died December 19, 1869 in Sonoma county, California; and is interred in Oakmound Cemetery in Sonoma county, California.



Aquilla B. Aull’s name strengthens the probable relationship between the Philadelphia Aulls and Benjamin All of Nelson county, Kentucky.  How?  Lord if I know.

In 1840 Aquilla was living with his brother Thomas in Platte county, Missouri.

It’s assumed Aquilla removed to California because of the 1849 Gold Rush.  And, like the overwhelming majority of ‘49ers, did not become wealthy.  The following is from The Heald Family and the Town of Healdsburg, by Hannah Clayborn as found on (managed by Susan Faught), last updated in 2003:

The website recounts the trials and tribulations of Harmon Gregg Heald, born in Ohio and raised in Jackson county, Missouri, as the founder of Healdsburg, California.

 … H. M. Wilson (mentioned previously) and A. B. Aull went into partnership with Heald in the store.  Aull was married to one of Sarah Smith Heald's sisters.

In 1854 a post office was opened in Heald's Store, run as a private enterprise with most letters costing 25 cents to post. …

The plot of land that Harmon Heald purchased at auction was not the town site.  He purchased 100 acres between the old Healdsburg slough and Dry Creek for $200.  In July of that year, however, he purchased 10 more acres on the east side of the slough from his brother-in-law, Aquilla B. Aull.  In December he purchased another tract from another brother-in-law, George T. Espy, 55 acres extending south to the current Mill Creek Road.  Both Aull and Espy had purchased their plots at the original land auctions, and it is on these tracts that the town named "Healdsburg" was mapped and recorded on March 5, 1857.   …

Harmon Heald's only surviving child, George William Heald, was only 4 years old at the time of his father's death [December 17, 1858].  He was raised by his uncle, Thomas U. Smith, on Mark West Creek, and later at a ranch near Ukiah.  The makeup of the Smith household illustrates the disturbing toll that disease took on these pioneer families.  When "Billy" Heald was 14 his uncle Thomas married a widow with two children of her own.  Later they took in two more orphans, a niece and a nephew, children of A. B. Aull.

 Observation – I believe that Aquilla’s progeny died without issue.  Note that his son George is afflicted.  Aquilla’s brother was a physician and living in California but did not assume responsibility for Aquilla’s children when they were orphaned.



Aquilla’s and Susan’s issue:

A.   Laura Aull; born in April 1858 in Sonoma county, California; died in 1940 in Sonoma county, California; and is interred in Oakmound Cemetery in Sonoma county, California



Because Laura is interred under her maiden name, I believe she did not marry nor had issue.



B.   George E. Aull; born January 1, 1860 in Sonoma county, California; died in 1940 in Sonoma

county, California; and is interred in Oakmound Cemetery in Sonoma county, California


From notes compiled by William Patrick (Pat) Hartlage of Jeffersontown, Kentucky ( June 18, 2007:

[George E. Aull] Resided in Guadalupe Precinct, Santa Barbara Co., CA on 7 Jun 1880.  He was in the 10-person household of John H. Rice, a farmer.  They were at dwelling 88, family 90, beginning at line 6.  George Aull (20) was a servant, working as a farm laborer.  He was born in California.  He had attended school within the year, but was also listed as being as "maimed, crippled, bedridden, otherwise disabled”.



C.         Aquilla Aull; born in 1860 in Sonoma county, California; died in 1860 in Sonoma county, California; and is interred in Oakmound Cemetery in Sonoma county, California

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