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Family Combination Continues To Run
Auburn's Oldest Firm

Auburn News - 1953

Each week Auburn News will feature at least one Auburn business firm, and for this first issue it seemed appropriate to "scatter the flowers" around Aull and Company since it is believed to be the oldest continuous firm in the town.

Established in April of 1885 by Dr. Thomas Aull, who came here from Hartford, Ky., the firm has been kept in the family through 68 years of progress. It has now reached the point that it would be a credit to many much larger trading centers.

In 1890, Dr. Aull sold his father, Dr. A. S. Aull, Ohio County, an interest in the business. The latter had been in business at Sulphur Springs since 1865.

Then in the spring of 1900, A. Johnson, a young son-in-law of Dr. A. S. Aull, moved to Auburn and bought out his brother-in-law's interest in the store which, at that time, was located on the corner where the bank building now stands.

Shortly after "Doc" Johnson, as he is affectionately referred to by the young and old, entered the business, they purchased the present site and added a new store to a thriving little community.

Always kindly known for their liberal attitude toward those who were unable to enjoy good living conditions, Dr. Aull and Dr. Johnson were continually busy in trying to better community conditions. They were active in the affairs of the Methodist church, both serving on the official board for many years.

After the era of Dr. Aull and his son-in-law, another such combination was formed when the former sold his interest in the business in 1917 to Dr. Johnson's son-in-law, Roger Clark, Russellville. They still own the business with Clark doing most of the managing while Dr. Johnson continues to fill prescriptions at the Auburn Drug company, a part of Aull & Company which was sold in 1946 to Edgar and J. W. Harris, Stone Mountain, Ga.

The latter Harris died in 1950, and Dr. Aull died in the 1920s.

After selling the drug department of the company, the family combination enlarged other departments and, today, displays a large selection of merchandise-hardware and clothing.

Dr. Johnson, filler of prescriptions for 53 years in Auburn, told this reporter that few persons know that the initial "A" stands for Adolphus. He is the oldest Auburn merchant, he says, and expects to continue in this capacity for many more years.

Clark, 65, is a native of Auburn but moved to Russellville when he was 13. He married the former Miss Myrhl Johnson in 1915. Their only child, a daughter died at the age of 23.

Clark is an ardent sportsman, always taking an active part in hunting and fishing. He holds membership in three hunting and fishing clubs. He is an active Rotarian.

Also a Methodist, Clark is a trustee, treasurer, and member of the board of stewards of the Auburn congregation. He and Mrs. Clark make their home on Pearl Street, where he and his father have owned at various times all the houses on one side of the street but two.


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