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The Soda Fountain
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The Soda Fountain has a long link with Aull & Company. Aull was the first establishment in Auburn to have a Soda Fountain - at least one other was at the "Dixie" soft drink and lunch room in 1920. See related article associated to a Soda Fountain accident causing the death of a young Auburn man in 1920. 

Around the Soda Fountain was a busy place to be, in the years prior to the advent of the large supermarkets, when Auburn was bustling with business, particularly in the 1940s and 1950s. Many the youth of the day worked part time, after school and at weekends, serving behind this counter. One such person later went on to become the president of the Bank of Auburn, namely Glenn Tinsley.

This is Grover Corum [Auburn] standing behind the counter of a Soda Fountain, performing the job of a "soda jerk." This Soda Fountain, which he refurbished (in 2007) with his grandson Adam Corum, came from the Aull & Co. Drug Store. It is now set up in the old Hogan-McFadden barn at the Museum.

The history of the Soda Fountain goes back to the 1770s in Europe, but it never took off like it did in the United States. Up to the very late 1800s drinks and ice cream was cooled with ice, which was harvested in blocks from the lakes and rivers in the winter time, and stored until the summer.

In 1888 a second-generation pharmacist, Jacob Baur from Indiana, founded the Company -  Liquid Carbonic Acid Manufacturing Company. The company offered a way to all the fountain owners, to produce carbonated water on their own, making it very beneficial for both the company and the soda fountain owners. Carbonic Acid Gas is the one on which the company’s whole great business was founded. For some years, gas business was the whole business for this company and it commercially produced the gas. The actual manufacturing of soda fountains by the company came around 1900. The “Liquid Iceless” soda fountain is produced by the company, which uses ammonia gas as a refrigerant. The company in 1909 produced a device called the ‘Liquid Diamond Carbonator’. It produced 20 gallons of carbonated water per day. The Company was concerned about the sanitation and so decided to manufacture the fountains in ‘self defense’. The company by around 1909 claimed to be the ‘world’s largest soda fountain builders’. The company offered ........ cont. page2


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