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One of the Oldest Businesses in Auburn


One of the oldest businesses in Auburn was that of Aull & Company Druggists. It also had a remarkable history in that it remained in the family for three generations.

The Aull business was established in Auburn in April of 1885 by Dr. Thomas Aull, who came  from Hartford, Ky.

These are two pictures taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

2005_0116AuburnPics20002copy.jpg (76454 bytes)

This is one of the first buildings in Auburn. It is located on the corner of East Main Street/Spring Street. Aull & Company moved to a new location directly across the street at East Main Street/Pearl Street about 1905. The original building of Aull & Company was replaced by a new building which housed G. W. Davidson & Company Banking. It was later the headquarters of Logan Telephone Cooperative and is presently part of the Auburn City Hall.


This is another picture taking in the town square. On the right is the Aull & Company original property. The buildings in the centre of the picture is the building which Aull & Company moved to circa 1905, which is across Main Street. The building on the extreme left was once the building used by the Bank of Auburn which was organized in 1905. The Town Square became the Standard Oil filling station and later was purchased by the Auburn Branch US Bank.


Aull & CO's original location was on the corner of Main Street and Spring Street.

In 1890 Dr. Thomas Aull sold to his father's (Dr. A. S. Aull) an interest in the business. Dr. A. S. Aull was an old timer in business as he had been in business in Sulphur Springs, Ohio County since 1865.

In the spring of 1900 Dr. Adolphus Johnson, a son-in-law of Dr. A. S. Aull, moved to Auburn. He was married to Edna Aull, Dr. A. S. Aull's daughter. Dr. Johnson bought out his brother-in-law's interest in the business.

Shortly after Dr. Johnson's arrival in Auburn, Aull & CO purchased a site across the road and built a store at the corner of Pearl Street an Main Street.

The Auburn Advocate - Saturday, August 19, 1899:
Henry Aull, of Bowling Green, is filling his father's place in the drug store, who is attending the convention at Lexington.

The Auburn Advocate -  February 15, 1907:
Dr. A. S. Aull was in Bowling Green last Friday and Saturday, assisting his son, Dr. T. H. Aull, in moving his drug stock into the old Potter Bank stand.


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