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Auburn Lumber Company

C.A. Waddle and C. M. Lancaster set up the Auburn Lumber Company. In 1921 they purchased property from E. L. Pearson & wife in September 10, 1921 as recorded in Deed Book 106, page 281. The business was located near Depot Street and the Tan Yard.

 On December 8th, 1921 C. M. Lancaster & wife transferred their one-half interest in same, to C.A. Waddle as recorded in Deed Book 106, page 564.

 The company continued in business for the next 10 years and in 1931 it went into bankruptcy as outlined in the March 19, 1931 edition of the News Democrat  as follows:



Logan Circuit Court

AUBURN BANKING CO.,  . . . .  Plaintiff

Vs.     No. 7322.    In Equity

C. A. WADDLE, ET AL . . . . . Defendant 

By virtue of a Judgment and order of sale of the Logan Circuit Court, rendered at the February Term thereof, 1931, in the above styled cause, the undersigned will, on Saturday, the 21st day of march, 1931, upon the premises, to wit; The lot and plant of the Auburn Lumber Company, located in the town of Auburn, Logan County, Kentucky, about the hour of one (1:00) o’clock, p.m., proceed to expose to Public Sale, to the highest bidder, the following described real estate and personal property, viz:

“Beginning at a stone on the east side of pike; thence N 64 E with line of Tan Yard property to center of creek, 35 poles; thence down creek N 19 E 5 poles to railroad line in center of creek; thence with railroad line 80 W 27 poles and 15 links to corner of Jenkins & Ryan Tobacco Warehouse lot; thence with line of same S 18 W 4 poles to another corner to same; thence with his line S 69 W 8 poles and 10 links to stone on east side of pike; thence S 15 E 6 poles to the Beginning, containing about 2 acres.”

There is excepted from the above boundary, and not to be sold, the following boundary sold to H. B. McClary on 2-24-’21, to wit:

“Beginning at a stone on the east side of Depot Street near Allen’s (now J. S. Hamblin’s store house); thence with said street N 26 W 6 poles to a stake, corner to tobacco factory lot; thence with said factory lot line N 66 E 5 7-25 poles to a stone in said factory line; thence S 23 east 6 3-25 poles to a stake in line of Tan Yard; thence S 64 W 5 5-25 poles to the Beginning.”

Being the same property conveyed by E. L. Pearson and wife by deed dated September 10th, 1921, to C.A. Waddle and C. M. Lancaster and recorded in D. B. 106, page 281, and later transferred by C. M. Lancaster and wife, or their one-half interest in same, to C.A. Waddle, by deed dated December 8th, 1921, and recorded in D. B. 106, page 564, in the office of the Clerk of the Logan County Court.

Also all stock in trade of the Auburn Lumber Company, consisting of weather-boarding, doors, framing, finishing lumber, molding of all descriptions, windows, all kinds of hardware, roofing, etc., and each ad every other thing owned by the said Auburn Lumber Company, including all office furniture and fixtures including all office furniture and fixtures included in its building in Auburn, Kentucky.

“It is further adjudged that said Commissioner making said sale will demand that the purchaser immediately execute a good and solvent bond and upon his failing to do so, the said Commissioner will then immediately resell said property, and continue to do so until the purchaser shall have executed a good and sufficient bond for the purchase price.”

Said plant or warehouse will be kept open on Friday, March 20, 1931, in order to give those interested an opportunity to inspect same.

To produce the sum of $5,319.40, and the costs thereof, $100.25.

 TERMS: The sale of the real estate will be made on a credit of six months, and the sale of the personal property on a credit of three months. The purchaser will be required to give bond as aforesaid, with approved security for the payment of the purchase money, to have the force and effect of a Judgment, bearing 6% interest from day of sale until paid, with a lien reserved upon said property until all the purchase money is paid.

Master Commissioner.

(Address: Russellville, Ky.)












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