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Claude D. Pottinger:


Claude D. Pottinger was born in the North West of Auburn in Logan County, KY in 1887, the son of George Washington Pottinger and Lena Cooper. Claude was a very successful farmer and businessman. In 1958 he became the President of the Auburn Banking Company.

In May 11, 1927 he married Ruth McCormick, the daughter of Hershel P. McCormick and Mary Sloss. They did not have any children. Claude died in 1977 and is buried in Auburn Cemetery.

According to the 1930 Census it states that he was 40 years of age and Ruth was 33 years of age when they got married. Their property worth was not recorded.

As Claude and Ruth moved on in years they leased out their very extensive farm. It is not known if they lived on the farm as they had a substantial house on Blakey Street which was passed on to them by the McCormick ancestors (Mary Sloss & Hershel P. McCormick).

Living with them at the time of the 1930 Census was Eldon McCormick (36 years) and Virginia McCormick (41 years), both single.

Claude died in 1977 and Ruth died on February 28, 1990. Both are buried in Auburn Cemetery.





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