Auburn, Kentucky

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Main Dealers

Auburn Chevrolet (1928)/Coke Chevrolet
McGregor Chevrolet, Inc. (1949 advertisement)

William G. Coke outlines in the book; "McCutcheon Meadows - A Family Story," that "In 1948 my father sold the dealership to Gordon McGregor, who had married my mother's cousin, Mary Bland McGregor from Louisville. Gordon McGregor sold the dealership to the Howlett family in the early 1950s. When the Howletts offered my father $50,000 for the buildings the next year, he sold it to them. After the dealership closed in the 1900s the building became an antique mall. It now sits forlorn, barely resembling the fine art-deco building of 1938,

Howlett Chevrolet (1954)
               Howlett Chevrolet gets National Award
Auburn Motor Company (Ford Dealer)
Hadden's Garage (DeSoto and Plymouth Dealer)



Service Stations

Auburn Service Station
                     (R. F. Robertson)
Hanks Service Station

Dixie Garage
                     (W. N. Brake b. 1875-d. 1953)







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