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Livery Stable - Near Black Lick Creek, Auburn, Kentucky

To the Editor Auburn Times. (published January 28, 1938)

Last week marked the wrecking of the old Livery Stable, once known as one of the most popular business concerns in our little city where the "loafers bench" was always filled, talking about the election, the last fire, when the bucket brigade, led by that faithful colored 'Mack” Torrence, who did the yelling and calling for water, water, more water and hurrying them along, as fire and time wait for no man.

The writer first remembers this old landmark as belonging to Mr. Joe Price, about fifty-two years ago. Mr. Price lived across the street, which is now the John Hamblin home, and how well I remember the old familiar Oak tree on the corner where the filling station now stands. I have often sat down on the large roots and waited long for one of the luscious acorns to fall; also I shall always remember the good old hickory nut tree in Aunt Millie's lot nearby. Mr. Price built an addition to the old barn fifty years ago, next to Mr. Brake's Garage, which was then a blacksmith shop owned by Scott Proctor's father.

Some of the older residents can well remember gallant horses that held their heads high as they galloped down the street and how grand we felt to ride behind such fine horses. How well I remember Old Joe and Old Charley, so glad to see them pass by while I sat on top of the plank fence with my hair in pigtails, dangling my feet and wishing they would ask me to ride. Mr. and Mrs. Price and dear old Aunt Millie have long since gone to their reward, as the old acorn and hickory tree, the old plank bridge and the Livery barn was all that was left and to me it appeared so lonely. It has also passed into oblivion, along with all the other grand old landmarks in our town, the loveliest village of the plains, AUBURN!
                                                                                    A Lover of Auburn.


The Following is the list of transfers of the Livery Stable property from 1866 to 1960.
Seller Purchaser Date Price  
Edward R. Gordon W. S. Bolliver July 2, 1866    
W. S. Boliver C. S. Garrigus January 4, 1868    
C. S. Garrigus G. B. Watkins  January 4, 1868    
G. B. Watkins G. M. Price April 8, 1869    
G. M. Price Joe T. Price May 29, 1871    
Joe T. Price Samuel O. Moody August 5, 1895    
Samuel O. Moody George Baltzell November 12, 1900    
George Baltzell P. B. Elliott June 14, 1905    
P. B. Elliott W. H. Pugh December 19, 1922    
W. H. Pugh P. B. Elliott September 23, 1932 $2000  
P. B. Elliott Dewey (S.D.) Hale January 14, 1935 $500
As reported in the Auburn Times in January 1938 “The old Livery Stable was torn down, once known as one of the most popular business concerns in our little city where the “loafers bench” was always filled, talking about the election, the last fire.....”
One will also note that Mr. W. H. Pugh bought the Livery Stable in 1922 for $2000 and sold it in 1932, at a loss, for $500. This will coincide with the increase in automobiles and the subsequent fall in value and  need for livery stables.
Following are names of some of the people who owned the lot that the Livery Stable once stood on.
Seller Purchaser Date
Dewey (S.D.) Hale John Graham September 1, 1945
John Graham Chester McReynolds October 9, 1946
Chester McReynolds J. S. Ayers September 2, 1949
J. S. Ayers Harden Ayers December 6, 1952
Harden Ayers Conn Barnett January 4, 1960

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According to the Deeds, G. W. Price (a brother of Joseph T. Price) owned the Livery Stable in 1870. Joseph T. was listed in the 1870 Census as being a Stable Keeper. Joseph T. did not buy the Livery Stable until May 29, 1871.
1870 Auburn, Ky. Census
Joseph T. Price  27  Keeping Stable m. Mary E. Simmonds Oct 5, 1865 KY
Mary E. 27 KY
Jessie 2 KY
Jennie Williams 26 KY
John 2/12 b. Jan KY
Rachel Ray 12(B) Nurse KY
Malvina Price 59 Ret. House keeper KY
Sarah Morton 85 Ret. House keeper KY
Lula Maxwell 13 Attending school. KY



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