Auburn, Kentucky

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Auburn Hosiery Mill Inc.

History of Auburn Hosiery

Strike of August 1950/51

1940 Christmas Party

Neill Bomhoff, Foreman

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Auburn Industrial Foundation

The Auburn Times - August 6, 1937

Auburn Hosiery Mill is Auburn's latest Industrial achievement, at which tentative operations began Monday (August 2, 1937). It was constructed at a cost of $18,000 by the Auburn Industrial Foundation of which the officers are as follows: President, K. F. Shannon; Vice-President, Garnett Robbins; Secy.-Treasurer, Gaston Coke: Directors, Garnett Robbins, Gaston Coke, C. B. Peart, Dave Scott, K. F. Shannon. The building contract was performed in a very credible manner by C. B. Peart.



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