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Woolen Mill -

Owned by E. R. Gordon




The Woolen Mill was located on the site of the present day (2008) Auburn Hosiery Mill plant. It was owned by E. R. Gordon. The Mill manufactured and marketed woolen blankets. These were reported to be of high quality. During the Civil War the Union Soldiers took many items from the Mill including a large stock of its blankets. Consequently the Mill struggled over the following years and eventually became bankrupt. It was still operating by 1870 as confirmed by the 1870 Census of Auburn Corporation. The following is a list of those who were working in the Mill at the time and who were living within the Corporation.


Name Age Date of Birth Occupation Place of Birth
Pontefrost, James 30 1840 Woolen Mill Carder England
Smith, William 42 1828 Woolen Mill Manager England
Gorman, Peter 16 1854 Woolen Mill Operative Ireland
McCracken, Robert 14 1856 Woolen Mill Operative Tennessee
Smith, Benjamin 23 1847 Woolen Mill Operative Ky
Wood, George 50 1820 Woolen Mill Operative England
England, Mary 26 1844 Woolen Mill Weaver Ireland


Thirty seven years after the Civil War had ended a Bill (# S. 3938) was passed in the 1st Session of the 57th Congress. Mr. Blackburn introduced the Bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Claims. On February 17, 1902 the Bill was before the Senate of the United States, referred to as follows:


For the relief of the estate of E. R. Gordon, deceased.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby,
authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the
Treasury of the United States not otherwise appropriated,
to the legal representatives of E. R. Gordon, deceased, late
of Logan County, Kentucky, the sum of eighteen thousand
five hundred dollars
, in full compensation for stores and
supplies taken for the use of and used by the Federal forces
during the late civil war.

E. R. Gordon died in November 18, 1873 leaving his wife Mary Ann who died on August 15, 1911. She received the above correspondence through Cyrus Snyder, Attorney-At-Law, 720 17th Street N. W., Washington, D. C.

1870 Census:

William Smith 42 England Manager in Woolen Mill
Mary      36    Ohio  
Albert  5     Ind  
Marie   2  Ind  
Eli McFarland 57  Ky Engineer at Mill (Question is to which mill?)
Louise   38 Ky  
George Ann 18 Ky    m. William Welch Nov 24, 1874
Sarah E. 17 Ky  
William 14    Ky  
Thomas J.  12 Ky m. B. A. Pearson Jan 8, 1880
Parnecia 10  Ky  
Louise 5 Ky m. Lennell B. McMillen Jun 22, 1882
Mollie 3 Ky  
John H. 1 Ky  



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