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Hosiery Mill - Christmas Party

The Auburn Times - Friday Jan. 5, 1940

Annual Christmas party for Employees

The annual Christmas party for employees of the Hosiery Mill was given Saturday night, December 30th, at the Helm Hotel in bowling Green, opening with a turkey dinner at 7 o'clock. An elaborate and well-balanced program was planned by the committee composed of Edna Mae Cooper, Tom Angell, Paul Woodward and Ed (Monk) Miller. Miller acted as master of ceremonies at the dinner. Following the dinner a program consisting of contests between Neil Bomhoff and Roger Kimball and members of the Brotherhood of Hosiery Mill Workers. The committee desiring to find out which of the pair knew the most about women, presenting each with a life size dummy and a box of clothing containing articles usually worn by members of the fair sex. The prize for the one dressing his dummy correctly was presented to Mr. Kimball and was a pair of rayon bloomers. Bomhoff, in a speech following the contest, placed the blame for losing on the fact that he was unfamiliar with some of the garments in his box of clothing. Following the contest, which provoked many a laugh from the crowd, a "Honeymoon in Kentucky" contest, participated in by Paul and Alleyne Woodward and Paul and Charlotte Milton, was won by the former and they were presented a set of serving plates. Rodney Milligan and Thomas Lee Adams then engaged in a "Happy Though Married" contest, the result of which was decided by a draw and each contestant received a carton of cigarettes. Climaxing the program of entertainment was an amateur vaudeville hour, participated in by Raymond Pillow, Thurston Hall and Noble Stewart. Stewart was awarded a $3 prize for the best performance. Following the dinner and program, the attendants were entertained at a dance in the hotel.



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