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Neill Bomhoff

Foreman at Auburn Hosiery Mill Inc.





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Auburn Hosiery Mill Inc
113 E. Main Street

As it looked in 1937





Auburn Times  - August 9, 1940

        That war is a terrible thing everyone knows in a general way, but the truth of this statement has been demonstrated rather painfully to a local citizen of Auburn, Neill Bomhoff, foreman of the Auburn Hosiery Mills, recently.

        Mr. Bomhoff was born and reared in the town of Dan Helder, Holland, a town of some thirty thousand people. This was the ancestral home of the Bomhoff family of which there were six brothers and two sisters living at the time of the invasion by the German Nazis. Due to the fact that Dan Helder was a naval base and a target for the German guns the town was almost totally destroyed, and the Dutch inhabitants with it. Out of the above family of seven children, which are Mr. Bomhoff's aunts and uncles, it is only known positively that one is safe and he is in New York at the present time .                                                                                                               

Neill Bomhoff


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