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Parents: Buried:
Sadler Bolom, Joseph P.  (1835-      )
Ellen M. (1843-     )
1. Franklin 5 (1865-      ) KY md.
2. Cora L. 2 (1868-     ) KY










Edward "Monk" Miller (April 29, 1912-August 17, 1968) was the son of Thomas R. Miller (1877-1947) and Alma Neal (1882-1970). He worked in Auburn Hosiery Mills until the strike, in the fall of 1950, which affected the lives of many who worked there. Ed never returned to the Hosiery Mill after the strike. In the 1930 Census the Miller family are listed as living in South College Street, Auburn

Parents: Buried:
Thomas R. Miller  (1877-1947 )
Auburn Cem
md. December 22, 1910 (Logan Co., KY)
Alma  Neal (1882-1970)
Auburn Cem.
1. Edward (1912-1968) KY md. (never married) Auburn Cem
2. Mary (1919-1977) KY md. (never married) Auburn Cem








Parents: Buried:
Paul S. Woodward (abt. 1918-     )
T.H. Woodward (1884-1967) Auburn Cem
Myrtle J. Coles (1886-1950) Auburn Cem.
md. December 2, 1939 (Logan Co., KY)
Alleyne Evans (abt. 1921-     )
Robert A. Evans (1880-1933) Auburn Cem.
Anna M. (1884-1943) Auburn Cem.








Parents: Buried:
Thomas Holland Woodward (Aug 6, 1884-May 8, 1967)
William Henry Woodward (1843-1900)
Lucy Jane King (1846-    )
md. Nov 25, 1908 (Logan Co., KY)
Myrtie J. Coles (Oct 12, 1886-Nov 5, 1950)
1. Minor (1910-1982) md. Kathryn Evans (Jan 27, 1934)
2. Carl P. (1912-1978) md. Lillie Mae Coles (Feb 29, 1936)
3. Christine (1915-      ) md. Howard Hayes (Dec 16, 1939)
4. Paul S. (abt.. 1918-    ) md. Alleyne Evans (Dec 2 1939)
5. Leon (1927-      ) md. Marian Elizabeth Woods (Dec 05, 1953)
6 Scotty









William Gaston Coke was born on April 14, 1895 to James Guthrie Coke (Jul 29, 1866-Nov 18, 1938) and Carrie McCutchen (Dec 7, 1864-Mar 31, 1938).

Children of James Guthrie & Carrie McCutchen Coke are:
1.    Mary Elizabeth Coke (Oct 13, 1889-Feb 16, 1978) md. a Mr. Bush
2.    William Gaston Coke (Apr 14, 1895-Dec 30, 1977) md. Ester W. Underwood
3.    Amanda M. Coke (October 11, 1897-Jul 6, 1966) not married.
4.    Jennie Winston Coke (Jan 06, 1900-Aug 16, 1960) md. Dr. Robert Edward Sullivan (February 03, 1889-September 23, 1966) on January 16, 1929

William Gaston Coke married Ester W. Underwood (Dec 17, 1904-Mar 4, 1980 ) circa 1924. She was the daughter of Henry L. and Belle Underwood.

Children of William Gaston and Ester Underwood Coke are:
    1.    James Jr. Coke
    2.    Ester Coke
    3.    William "Bill" Coke


Orson M. Crewdson was born in 1861, to William N. & Malinda C. Crewdson. Their children are as follows.
                1.     Elizabeth Crewdson (abt.. 1850-     )
                2.     S. R. Crewdson (1855-1926)    md. Mollie F. Perkins (Oct 8, 1879)
                3.     Dr. J. W. (William) Crewdson (abt.. 1859-    )
                4.     Orson M. Crewdson
                5.     Charles Crewdson (abt.. 1870)

Orson married Myrtie M. Knox the daughter of Mr. G. A. Knox and Mrs. Jo (Wilson) Knox on December 22, 1863.

Orson & Myrtie had one child, Gertrude, born in September 1888 who died young. All three are buried in Auburn Cemetery, Logan Co., KY. Gertrude's name is inscribed on her parent's marker but does not have a date of death.

The terms of O. M. Crewdson's will states: "Since O. M. had no living descendants the balance of the estate after paying just bills was to be divided equally between the Auburn Baptist Church and the Auburn Christian Church."

As reported in the Auburn Times on August 8, 1947 the property of O. M. Crewdson was sold.

J. Henry Burnett wrote a series of articles for the Auburn Times in the 1930s. O. M. Crewdson was the subject of one of them.




Claude B. Peart (1882-1968) was born in Kentucky. He married Ruth Inez Wilson (b. 1888) in November 1916. Ruth was the daughter of  James W. Wilson (1856-1940) and Mary Elizabeth Baugh (1860-1932).

Claude B. and Inez are without issue.

It was Claude who contracted for the installation of the curb and guttering for Main Street, from the east City Limit to the west City Limit. The contract price for this work was $9532 and the work was done in 1930.





Curry C. Hall (May 1897-1975) was the son of Whitsett Hall (1867-1955) and Ella Sloss (1867-1931). Curry married Deede (Emma Belle) Price (1904-1992) on September 8, 1926.

Deede is the daughter of Vernon (Gobel) & Emma Belle Price.

Sterling B. Eskew (1898-1973) was born to Robert A. Eskew (1873-1945) and Carrie A. McElwaine (1874-1955). He first married Lula May Clay (1898-1935) on November 17, 1920. She died in 1935 and he subsequently married her sister Nellie Dale Clay on March 21, 1936. Both his wives were the daughters of J. Seaf Clay (1864-1932) & Mattie G. Moody (1871-1934).

Sterling Eskew served as mayor of Auburn for a period of 20 years (1945-1965).



Glover Washer (Feb 1, 1913- Jun 2, 2003) was the son of Carlie C. Washer & Fairy Tyree and one of three children. He married Fannie Rosser abt.. 1935 and were the parents of a son, Van Lemar Washer.



Former Auburn mayor Washer dies

AUBURN — Glover Washer, 90, of Hendersonville, Tenn., died at 4 p.m. June 2, 2003, at a Hendersonville nursing home.

The Butler County native was a retired automobile salesman in Russellville and Bowling Green, a former mayor of Auburn for 12 years and a member of Auburn Baptist Church. He was a son of the late Carlie Washer and Ferrye Tyree Washer.

Funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Young Funeral Home with burial in Auburn Cemetery. Visitation will begin after 4 p.m. today and after 8 a.m. Thursday at the funeral home.

Survivors include his wife, Fannie Rosser Washer; a son, Van Washer and wife, Betty Lou, of Hendersonville; a sister, Sarah Montgomery of Auburn; two grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.


Hansford D. Scott was born 1920 to Dave Scott (1867-1966) and Pearl Harris (1876-1922).
Other siblings of Hansford are:
                1.     Earl Scott (1898-1981) father of Dunc Scott
                2.     Ray Thomas Scott (1901-1972)
                3.     Christine Scott (1904-    ) md. Chelsea Adams

He served as Mayor of Auburn from 1940-1945 and 1970-1975.



Samuel O. Moody is the son of William Alexander Moody (1823-1897) and Martha Jane Helm (1823-1911) who was the grandaunt of Margie Helm. Samuel was born on October 1, 1865 and died on November 25, 1945 and is buried, along with his wife, in Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Logan Co., KY.
He married Sue Monroe (1877-1956) on January 17, 1907. In the 1920 Census Samuel is listed as being a Hardware Merchant.


William N. Crewdson was born in Illinois 


In the 1910 Census:  Dr. Henry F. Bean is listed as living next door to Dr. Adolphus Johnson. Their house was on the site that is now (2003) the Auburn Nursing Home.

Parents: Buried:
Henry F. Bean (Dr.) (abt.. 1854-     )
md. abt.. 1878
Mary E. (abt.. 1861-     )
1. Karl (abt. 1888)
2. Dollie (abt. 1898) md. Howard Jewett
3. Buford (abt. 1900)


Francis M. Carpenter

Parents: Buried:
Francis M. Carpenter (Jan 8, 1856-Nov 20, 1946)
Bur. New Friendship Cem, Auburn
md. January 03, 1894, Logan Co., KY
Ophelia M. Hall (Jun 3, 1868-Sep 25, 1932)
Bur. New Friendship Cem, Auburn
1. Cleveland C. (Aug 27, 1884)
2. Stella (abt. 1897)
3. Carson (May 8, 1899-Mar 1, 1936)
4. Lena May (abt. 1899)
5. William C. (Sep 21, 1915-Sep 21, 1915)





Cleveland C. Carpenter                                                                            

Parents: Buried:
Cleveland C. Carpenter (Aug 27, 1884-May 20, 1973)
Bur. New Friendship Cem, Auburn
Francis M. Carpenter (Jan 8, 1856-Nov 20, 1946) New Friendship Cem
Ophelia M. Hall (Jun 3, 1868-Sep 25, 1932) New Friendship Cem
md.1 - Zula Dee
md 2 - Nellie Stanley
Zula Dee (Dec 3, 1894-Jun 3, 1960)
Bur. New Friendship Cem, Auburn
1. Carl Lee (abt.. 1918) md. Elsie Newman (Feb 15, 1951)
2. Edna Earl (abt. 1920) md. Wayman A. Womack
3. Louise (abt.. 1921) md. Oscar Ray Wren (July 06, 1940)
4. John Franklin (abt. 1924) md. Margaret June Burrows (Jun 12, 1943)
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