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November 1930 Advertising Promotion




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Breakdown of the Advertisers

Shannon & Snyder    
Dixie Garage    
Lashbrook Motor Co.    
W. C. Howlett Coal Co.    
H. B. McClary    
Auburn Banking Co.    
Hunt & Elliott Barber Shop    
Barnett Blewett    
Webb & Son    
P. T. Neal    
Lula Milton Dry Goods Co.    
Kentucky Utilities    
E. R. Gordon    
Irene's Shop    
A. A. Milton    
O. M. Crewdson    
Goodie Garden    
Coke Chevrolet Co.    
Hat Shoppe    
Hotel Barber Shop    
Aull & Co    
R. W. Wilson    
Auburn Mills    
Central Service Station    






  1. The first mention of Forgy's Store was in the Auburn Times - December 1, 1939

  2. A new enterprise in Auburn - The Blue Moon Cafe and Bake Shop; operated by Mrs. Estelle Apperson - Feb 12, 1932

  3. R. H. Tate - miller at Auburn Roller Mills & Charlie Hanks - mechanic at Coke Chevrolet, moved to Auburn. Auburn Times - Feb 12, 1932

goodgdn.jpg (285011 bytes)  Good_Garder2.jpg (59295 bytes)

bulletThe Goodie Garden was operated in partnership by D. T. Daniels & Clifford Hughes.
bulletIrl Mansfield bought Clifford Hughes' interest in the Goodie Garden. The firm will be Daniel's and Mansfield. Auburn Times - May 20, 1932
bulletThe Goodie Garden operated in a section of the Coke Chevrolet Garage. In 1934 Coke Chevrolet went into an expansion phase and subsequently Daniels had to move his operation to the Old Post Office building.


Tidbits fro the 1930s

  1. First mention of Forgy's Store. - Auburn Times - Dec 1st 1939
  2. Prather Price's Barber Shop - Auburn Times - November 1930
  3. Auburn Presbyterian U.S.A. Church on Lincoln St., destroyed by fire - Auburn Times October 23, 1931



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