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Rev. J. I. McCormick, Preacher

J. H. Burnett, who wrote many articles for the local newspaper on the local people of Auburn wrote this about the Rev. James I. McCormick for the Auburn Times in 1939:

Auburn In The Long Ago                         Auburn Times  - 1939

For many years, Bro. McCormick was the beloved pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Auburn.  There were four churches. Baptist, Cumberland Presbyterian, Christian and Methodist. Each had preaching once a month, but each had Sunday School every Sunday. Bro. McCormick was very popular and usually had his church full on his day to preach. He had one son, Hershel, who after finishing Auburn College, worked in the bank. He married Mary Sloss. I recall an interesting incident, which took place. It was Bro. McCormick’s preaching day and after the sermon he announced baptizing. Upon reaching home, George Blakey excitedly to his father (a Baptist) that Bro. McCormick (and they lived across the street from the McCormick’s) “After announcing he would baptize some folks, did not baptize them at all but just sprinkled some water on their heads.” His father said, “Son, that is what Bro. McCormick calls baptizing.” George replied, “Well, somebody ought to tell him better.” The preacher greatly enjoyed the story when he heard it.

Bro. McCormick built up a large and loyal church in Auburn. Although he only had one child to send to college, he was a loyal supporter of the college.

Yours sincerely,
                        J. HENRY BURNETT
                                Macon, Ga.





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