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J. Henry Burnett was the son of Rev. J. H. Burnett (Professor & Preacher). J. Henry lived in Auburn until the 1930s when he went to Atlanta, Georgia. His love of Auburn prompted him to write to the Auburn Times about the many people he knew and admired so well. He named his writings "Auburn in the Long Ago."

Subject:     Mr. O. M. Crewdson, Druggist, and Hotel Man

Auburn Times   Dec 2, 1938

Mr. O. M. Crewdson ran the drug store and the hotel. He and Mrs. Crewdson specialized on sons. They had four, Sam, Will, Minor (or Bud), and Charlie. That was a dandy quartet and all made good in school, in baseball and in business. Minor (or Bud) is living there in Auburn. His wife was about the most popular girl in Auburn, when she was Myrtie Knox and I guess she is the same popular, fine-spirited Myrtie now grown older. If I am not mistaken, Sam was a lawyer and Will a doctor. Charlie was and is now in the advertising business and has made quite a success. Few if any young men in Southern or Western Kentucky ranked higher as a baseball player than "Bud" Crewdson.

 Mrs. Crewdson Sr., was for a time my Sunday School teacher; How well I remember her. Being in the hotel business, I imagine Mr. Crewdson knew more people over the state than any man in Auburn.

 For many years Minor (Bud) traveled for a Shoe Company in St. Louis and was a big success. He was always a good mixer and had a contagious smile. We fortunately can best re-live the past in memory and the memory of those golden days in Auburn is a real delight now. The Auburn of 50 or 60 years ago as I knew and grew up there, will always be wonderful to me. The folks made Auburn and they make or unmake any town or city.

Yours sincerely,

                        Macon, Georgia


Orson M. Crewdson married Miss Myrtie M. Knox on November 24, 1887.
O. M. Crewdson 1861-1947                    Buried in Auburn, Ky.
Mrs. O. M. Crewdson, 1865-1945           Buried in Auburn, Ky.
There is a headstone beside the above with the name Gertrude, probably Crewdson, no date.





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