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J. Henry Burnett was the son of Rev. J. H. Burnett (Professor & Preacher). J. Henry lived in Auburn until the 1930s when he went to Atlanta, Georgia. His love of Auburn prompted him to write to the Auburn Times about the many people he knew and admired so well. He named his writings "Auburn in the Long Ago."

Subject:    Mr. Fax Edmondson, Carpenter.  

Auburn Times November 18, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. Edmondson lived not far from the depot. Their only son, Nolen, spent quite a bit of time around the depot and the trains. Thus he became interested in rail-roading and made many friends among the trainmen. At any early age he got permission from his parents and secured a position as brakeman on a freight train. This was in the days of the old-fashioned drawbar and coupling pin. These dangerous couplings cost many lives and among them was young Nolen Edmondson. It was a sad day in Auburn when his body was brought home. Father had already begun preaching and pastoring; he had known Nolen since birth and had taught him, so he was requested to preach his funeral.

 It was a trying ordeal for him, but folks said that they had never heard such a funeral sermon. Mr. and Mrs. Edmondson had four daughters: Nora, who married, Dr. Will Burr; Eunice (I forget whom she married; Massie, I think she married Oscar Hutcheson and Hortense (I do not know whom she married. Mr. Edmondson knew exactly what to do with saw, plane, hammer and level and Mrs. Edmondson was ranked as one of the best in Auburn with a needle. In addition to sewing for the four daughters, she helped to "doll up" other girls. Mother and Mrs. Edmondson were very close friends.


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                        Macon, Georgia





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