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Mr. Jim Childress, Nurseryman

Auburn In The Long Ago                     Auburn Times  Jun 2, 1939


Mr. Jim Childress was a brother of the Deacon Dave Childress; he lived out on the edge of town. It was a real treat to visit his place as I frequently did. He raised all sorts of plants, tomato, sweet potato, etc, and the folks in the community depended on him for their plants for the gardens. He raised fruits and berries. Especially fine were his strawberries and they were real prizewinner.

Though he had only one arm, he had an artificial arm with a hook and other attachments, which he could use almost 100 per cent. He was tall and strong with red hair and was one of the hardest of workers I have ever known. He and Mrs. Childress had one child, a daughter, Nellie, who is still living and I think she resides in Auburn.

Mr. Childress always took great pride in his place – small farm – and kept it in fine shape. He always seemed to have wonderful success with anything he planted or sowed. His strawberries “came in” early and he got top prices. He was an important factor in the life of Auburn and one of the splendid citizens of this fine town on Black Lick Creek, in Logan County, KY.

Yours sincerely,

J. Henry Burnett

                Macon, Georgia

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