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Miss Alleyne Baker, Elocution and Sunday School Teacher.

Auburn In The Long Ago          Auburn Times, June 16, 1939

Miss Alleyne Baker, who was a sister of Mrs. Dave Childress (first wife of Deacon Childress) made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Childress. She was an unusual personality. For years she taught expression, or as some called it, elocution, in Auburn College.  Nearly all of us boys and girls studied, or at least took it, for we loved Miss Alleyne. She was especially interested by keeping in touch with the young boys as they would leave home and corresponded with many of us. When we came home on vacation, we always had to see Miss Alleyne first, after home folks. She was not only my elocution teacher, but for quite a while was my Sunday School teacher. That has been many, many years ago, but I have had all these years as a prized treasure, a small Bible she gave me and she had my name stamped on it in gold letters.  She was a splendid teacher and her influence was marvelous, for all us boys knew she lived a consecrated Christian life and that goes further than simply teaching the text. The Auburn boys scattered here and there today honor this wonderful person,  whom they knew and loved in boyhood days--Miss Alleyne Baker.

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