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Mr. Church H. Blakey, Agriculturist and Statesman.

Auburn In The Long Ago                     Auburn Times  Mar 3, 1939


Mr. and Mrs. Church Blakey were lovely people and they reared a family good in size and in quality - six sons and two daughters. The sons, Church, Tom, Theodore, Hubert, Clayton and George; the daughters were: Nellie and Lou. All of them were educated at Auburn College and father considered Mr. Church Blakey one of his dearest friends and best patrons. Nellie married Dr. T. O. Helm, who survives her, and lives in Bowling Green. Lou has never married; she lives In Louisville and is the only one of the family now living. Theodore, a lawyer, died-recently at his home in Beattyville, KY.  Church and George never married, but died as young men. -Tom was a doctor and lived in Hopkinsville, where he had a wonderful, practice. Hubert operated the farm, which was only a few miles north of Auburn. Clayton was a lawyer and spent most of his life in Louisville. George was about my age and we were good friends. Mr. Church Blakey was in the Legislature and rendered fine service, so everyone honored him by calling him Col. Blakey and he wore the title as a true Kentucky Colonel. He was large of mind, body and heart and Mrs. Blakey was a true gentlewoman. It was always a great pleasure to visit in their home or to go to a party there. I was indeed fortunate to grow up in Auburn, where we had outstanding Christian men and women, such as Col. and Mrs. Blakey.  Of course, I can never forget them and I delight to pay tribute to their memory. Col. Blakey was a statesman, rather than a politician. Would that we had more of his type today.

            Yours truly,

            J. HENRY BURNETT.

               Macon, Ga.


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