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J. Henry Burnett was the son of Rev. J. H. Burnett (Professor & Preacher). J. Henry lived in Auburn until the 1930s when he went to Atlanta, Georgia. His love of Auburn prompted him to write to the Auburn Times about the many people he knew and admired so well. He named his writings "Auburn in the Long Ago."

Subject:    Dr. McDavitt and Dr. Holcomb -  -  Auburn’s Two Doctors.  

Auburn Times – 1938

Auburn had other doctors, but these two stand out in my memory and both practiced in our home. They were both good country doctors and that is high praise. It is fine to see the country doctor being given his rightful place in the thinking of present-day folks. Dr. Dafoe of Canada, who has had marvelous success with the world-famous five girls, has done much to magnify and glorify the country doctor.

One thing I remember, Dr. Holcomb gave big doses of bad medicine. Dr. McDavitt was just as successful and more considerate. Dr. Holcomb had two sons, Alfred, who never married, and was the butt of good-natured fun by the boys, and John, who joined the Army, deserted and left for parts unknown. He changed his name, but last I heard of him he was in Texas, but I am not sure that he is now living. “Cousin Sallie,” the mother, the doctor and Alfred have been dead many years. One night during a meeting at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Alfred was present and sat on the back seat where there were some mischievous boys. Alfred had eaten green persimmons and his mouth was all puckered up. One of the boys whistled and Br. McCormick reprimanded Alfred as he saw his lips in whistling shape. This happened two or three times, when finally replied, “Whistle, hell, I speck I’se pizened,” and it came near breaking up the meeting.

Dr. and Mrs. McDavitt, with their attractive and considerable-sized family, even for Auburn, lived about a mile from town on the Bowling Green pike, this place was afterwards owned by Whitsett Hall. I recall, Will, Jim, Carl, Edgar and Lattie, and I feel sure I have left out one or more. Jim was about my age and we were often together. Their home was an attractive place with a big woodland in front of the residence. The place contained a good-sized farm and Dr. McDavitt with the boys doing a good part of the work rated as a farmer as well as a doctor. Auburn was indeed fortunate to have these fine men and good doctors to visit their homes and care for their sick.

Yours sincerely,

                        Macon, Georgia





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