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1877 Business Directory (Auburn Precinct) (Note: No Telephones in existence at this time)

BURNETT, J. H. Principal of Auburn Academy; also Baptist Preacher.
CHILDRESS, D. Dealer in Hardware, Queensware, Groceries , Field Seeds, and Agricultural Implements.
CLARK, E. G. Jr., Constable
CLELLAN, J. R. M. Physician and Surgeon.
CREWDSON, W. N.   & DUFLER Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines, and Groceries.
DAVIDSON, G. W. Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Millinery Goods, Books, and Stationery.
HATCHER, W. E. Physician and Surgeon.
HUCKLEBERRY, C. L. Railroad Agent.
McCORMICK, J. I. Minister.
McDAVITT, M. Physician and Surgeon
PRICE, J. T. First Class Livery.
RANKIN, SOLOMON Trustee Shakers.
WINES, JAMES & CO., Gravel Cisterns, the best in use, and warranted to give satisfaction.
WOODWARD, H. Post Master.

1877 Business Directory (Rabbitsville Precinct)
GLASGOW, J. S. Railroad Tax Collector
PORTER, F. N. Constable.
MANSFIELD, G. Pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

1879 Business Directory
BUCHANAN, N. L. Boot & Shoemaker
Childers, James Confectionery
Crewdson, W. N. Hotel & Drugs
Davidson, G. W. Dry Goods
Duffen, A. T. Grocer
Finley, A. J. Physician
Gordon & Griffith Flouring Mill
Halche, W. E. Physician
Hillman & Reilley Flour Mill
Holcomb G. Physician
Hucklebury, C. L. Station & Express Agt.
McClary, John Physician
McCormick, Rev. J. I. Presbyterian
McDavitt & Hatcher Druggists
Smith, James W. Dry Goods
Sutterfield, E. W. Tinner
Taylor, Rev W. C. Baptist
Woodward, Rev Robert Baptist

KY. State Gazetter 1879


This incorporated village of 700 inhabitants is on Black Lick Creek, in Logan County, 12 miles from Russellville, the county seat; and 131 miles from Louisville, via L., N. & Gt. S. Railway. It has four churches; two steam flour mills; a good public school; and ships tobacco, wheat, pork, and corn. The W. U. Telegraph and Adams Express have offices. Auburn is a station on the Nashville division of the L., N. & Gt. S. Railway. Daily mail. J. W. Smith, postmaster.

Advertisements:       As advertised in the 1920 Auburn Telephone Directory

Dixie Garage
W. N. Brake, Prop.

Repairs made while you wait
First class Mechanics        FISK TIRES
Phone No. 63-2

G. W. Davidson & Co

Your Business will be Appreciated
Favors extended consistent with sound Banking
Phone No. 2      Auburn, Ky.



Examinations Free                        Prices Reasonable

J. W. Hunt

Auburn,            Optometrist            Kentucky.

A. S. Aull                                                                             A. Johnson

Aull & Co.

Prescription Druggists

The Rexall Store                                       The One that Satisfies
Prescriptions Compounded Day or Night
Dealers in
Drugs, Jewelry, Paints and Wall Paper
Phone No. 48                    Auburn, Ky.

Blewett and Harris

Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Furniture, Fertilizer, Salt, Etc.

Auburn,                                                        Kentucky.

Auburn Garage
Carson W. Helm, Prop.

Authorized Ford Service Station
Battery Service, Oc-acetyline welding, Fairbanks-
Morse Farm Engines.
Everything for the Automobile Tractor and Farm Engines.

Call Phone No. 21


Milton Dry Goods Company

Dry Goods, Notions, Clothes
Shoes and Hats
Gives Prompt Service

Auburn                         Phone 8                       Kentucky.

W. J. Petros

General Blacksmith & Repair Work
Horseshoeing a Specialty
Prompt Service and Satisfaction

Phone No. 147-B


Auburn Lumber Co.

We are Better Prepared
than ever to supply you with all kinds of
Building Material

And we guarantee our Prices
We carry a full line of
Builders' Hardware, Paint & Oils

Come in and See Us, or
Phone No. 24-B

Auburn,                                                                       Kentucky.

Business Listing in Telephone Directory - (Auburn 1920)

A Tel. #    
Allen, W. J. 61 Store  
Auburn Garage 21 Office Carson W. Helm
Auburn Lumber Co. 24-B Office  
Auburn Mill 62 Mill  
Aull & Co. 48 Drugs  
Barnes, George 94-3A Store  
Bank of Auburn 15 Bank  
Bank Co. G. W. Davidson 2 Bank  
Blewett & Harris 5 Store  
Brakes, W. N. 6303 Garage  
Burr, Dr. W. R. 25 Office  
Caldwell Tanning Co. 92-B Office  
Caldwell Lace Leather Co. 147-A Office  
Dixie Garage 6302 Office Brakes, W. N.
Freeman, Dr. W. I. 118 Office Dentist
Garrett Bros 4 Store  
Howlett, L. S. 147-A Shop  
Hutcheson Bros. 9 Store  
Jenkins, Ryan & Co. 158 Factory  
Johns, Logan 129-1/2-1 Shakertown  
L&N Railroad 60 Depot  
Martin, J. W. & Son 81-A Store  
McCarley & Co., L. D. 100 Mill  
Milton, A. A. 117 Store  
Milton, Dry Goods Co., 8 Store  
Moody, S. O. 31-2 Store  
Neal & Gordon 7 Store  
Peairson, E. L. 70 Coal  
Petros, W. J. 147-B Blacksmith  
Post Office 10 Office  
Price, V. G. 0 Store  
Proctor, John 81-B2 Store  
Real Estate Co. 113 Office  
Simms, J. C. 126-B-3 Store  
South Union 129-2S Store  
Stokes, S. R. 98 Store  
Tinsley & Tinsley 133-A-1 Store  
Turner, Dr. T. H. 14-3 Office Physician
Vick & Hamblin 3 Store  
Vick Hotel 11 Hotel  
Webb, John 17 Stable  
Whited, Robert 113 Office  
Young, W. B. 129-2S Store  


Advertisements in 1931 Auburn Times - March 13, 1931:

P. T. Neal
Grocery and Furniture
Auburn Roller Mills
Robbins Bros., Props.
Lula Milton Dry Goods Co.
We have it
A. M. Belcher, M. D

Blewett & Hamblin
Scott Proctor
Cleaning & Pressing
Auburn Banking Co.
Dixie Garage
Repair & Accessories

Central Service Station
Gasoline & Oil
Auburn Mills
D. Scott & Son, Props.
T. H. Turner, M.D.
M. Thompson Hat Shoppe
Millinery and Notions
P. P. Price

Standard Oil Co.
V. G. Price, Agt.

Dr. C. A. Wood, M.D.

H. B. McClary

Coke Chevrolet Co.
Chevrolet Dealer


Goodie Garden
A Good Place To Eat


R. W. Wilson
Hardware & Implements


W. H. Pugh
Hitch & Feed Stable


Lashbrook Motor Co.
Ford Dealer
J. B. Millard
Coal Dealer
Auburn Hotel
L. W. Miller, Prop.
Shannon & Sydnor
Meats and Groceries
W. C. Howlett Coal Co.
Coal Dealer
Kentucky Utilities Co.
Light & Power
Aull & Company
Drugs and Sodas
Crewdson & Peart
Real Estate and Insurance
The Auburn Times
Logan County Complete Newspaper



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